E-Waste/ Electronic Waste Recycling

Getting rid of electronic waste from your business must be done legally to both protect the environment and your company.

Electronic waste is the waste created when electronic devices or components thereof are discarded. They often contain dangerous chemicals such as heavy metals and are being produced at rates faster than ever before, creating increasingly more e-waste each year.We all rely on these products for our productivity, comfort, security, and convenience but at the end of their lifecycle, it’s important that they be handled in a responsible way that is legally compliant and reduces their potential environmental impact.

At Industrial Hauling and Recycling , we are leaders in the secure, certified destruction of unwanted electronic waste and data. As a WEEE recycling company, we will manage your waste, swiftly collecting and destroying in a secure and fully compliant manner.

Our Services

  • FREE open top waste containers.
  • Daily collection if necessary.
  • A neat and tidy system – regular clearance means no unsightly overspills or blocked walkways, fire escapes and loading areas.
  • No need to remove staples.

Commercial E Waste Recycling in Cincinnati

E-waste/Electronic waste consists of discarded electronic products and parts. These electronic products contain harmful chemicals, like lead, which can damage our health and environment if released into the soil or water. This alone should encourage individuals and businesses to consciously dispose of their e-waste/electronic wastes where they can be recycled into new products.

We are a leading recycling solution provider for E-waste/Electronic waste in the United States. We recycle small and heavy electrical/electronic products like air conditioners, televisions, computers, and laptops. Our services and locations span the following:

  • Commercial E Waste Recycling Covington
  • Commercial E Waste Recycling Florence
  • Commercial E Waste Recycling in Cincinnati
  • Commercial E Waste Recycling in Ohio
  • Commercial E Waste Recycling Kentucky
  • Commercial Electronic Recycling Columbus
  • Commercial Electronic Recycling in Dayton
  • Industrial E Waste Recycling Columbus
  • Industrial E Waste Recycling Covington
  • Industrial E Waste Recycling in Dayton
  • Industrial E Waste Recycling Louisville
  • Industrial Electronic Recycling Florence
  • Industrial Electronic Recycling in Cincinnati
  • Industrial Electronic Recycling in Ohio
  • Industrial Electronic Recycling Kentucky

We also offer pickup services and FREE recycling containers for your convenience. Contact us today to get rid of your accumulated E-waste/ Electronic waste in an eco-friendly way.

Why Use Industrial Hauling and Recycling

  • We Accept Mixed Loads:

    No need to spend time sorting your plastics, cardboards and your company's other recycled material. We accept mixed loads saving you time and money.

  • Fast Collection:

    Your dedicated account manager will arrange the collection of your recycled waste within 48 hours of receiving your request. Clearing the space in your warehouse or yard quickly and efficiently.

  • Nothing Goes to Landfill:

    Our priority is to Divert Landfills at all costs. As commercial recycling specialists, 100% of the materials we collect are recycled or re-used. Nothing goes to landfill, minimizing your carbon footprint.

  • We Collect all Forms of Recycled waste:

    Whether your recycled waste is baled, palletized or compacted, we’ll collect. Your waste is our business.We'll collect regardless of the format.

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